Advantages and Disadvantages of using Laser Cutting Machine 2020

Laser cutting machine is an advanced technology that makes use of a laser beam to cut materials. Laser cutting is typically used in a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications and is also now being used by small businesses, hobbyists and schools.

The process of laser cutting is one that works by directing high powered laser output primarily through the use of optics. Read on to know more about the major advantages and disadvantages associated with an industrial manufacturing technique like laser cutting.

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Well Known Advantages of Laser Cutting


Cuts Metal into Fine Pieces with Great Efficiency

Laser cutting is known to work far more quickly in comparison to various other traditional cutting methods and techniques. This is so because most of the work that is carried out in the course of laser cutting is automated. You can cut industrial materials in a matter of just a few minutes when you opt for the use of laser cutting technology in order to do so.


Safer to Use and Cuts Metal with amazing Precision

Holding a piece of metal is far easier to do when using a technique like laser cutting than it is when engaging in a procedure such as mechanical cutting. You tend to hurt yourself a lot less easily when using laser cutting technology.

The cuts that are obtained by the laser beams are also known to be far more precise than cuts produced by other well known methods and techniques of cutting metals. In fact, it is for this reason alone that laser cutting as a process is preferred in many different industries, particularly those that require the size of the metals to be absolute precise when cut into pieces.


No Risk of Metal Contamination

The metal that is cut using laser technology is never one that comes into contact with any other metals for facilitating the cut. As a result, the metal tends to be more finely cut and is free from contaminations.


Fined Edged Metal Cutting

Traditional cutting methods also make use of heat primarily as a weapon for cutting, in which case the metal edges tend to become deformed to some extent. With laser cutting however, the metal pieces produced have very fine edges.


Versatile Process that requires less Energy

The process of laser cutting is known to be quite versatile. You will be able to engrave beautiful delicate designs on many different metals using laser cutting technology. Laser cutting is also an industrial process that requires far less energy for metal cutting than the other traditional methods for cutting metals.

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What are the Disadvantages of using Laser Cutting Technology?


High Power Consumption and Delicate Handling involved

Power consumption tends to be quite high when using laser cutting technology in comparison to traditional industrial cutting methods and techniques. The laser beam also has to be handled very delicately and any slight mistake that is made in adjusting temperature and distance can result in discoloring or burning of the metal, ruining its appearance and texture completely.


Can be Harmful for workers who come into Contact with it

The laser beam can be very harmful for human workers who come into contact with it. Workers can end up suffering from severe burns if they do come into contact with the laser beam by accident, making laser cutting technology quite risky to use in any process of industrial manufacture that entails the use of manual labor.


Cannot be used for cutting thick metals

The laser cutting technology is not something that can be used for cutting metals that are thick in texture and composition. It can also be used to cut and shape metals that are light in weight and composition, thereby posing huge limitations on the manufacturing process.


Inconsistent Production and compliments only specific Metal Types

The production is also not known to be consistent when it comes to laser cutting due to the fact that the time required for cutting various metals can vary. The laser cutting technology is not capable of complimenting all metal types either. It can be used for cutting specific metal types only thus turning out to be hugely limiting for any industrial manufacturing process.

The traditional methods for cutting metals are usually known to be quite inexpensive and have also been in use for a considerable period of time. Yet the plus points of using laser technology for industrial cutting are something that cannot ever be ignored.

Laser cutting provides a quality of cut that can hardly be compared to the cuts that are achieved by other methods that are available for carrying out the same process. The fact that it takes very little time to cut metals in comparison to conventional cutting techniques and methods makes its use hugely advantageous for all industrial manufacturers out there.

Best Laser Metal Cutter Reviews


Ten High Laser Engraving Cutter Machine

The Ten High Laser Engraving Cutter Machine is manufactured in the USA and comes with a USB port that makes its operation and easy and convenient affair. Users don’t require a computer in order to use this laser cutting machine whenever needed.

Apart from self engraving services, the Ten High Laser Engraving Cutter Machine allows the laser energy to be adjusted quite easily. This affordably priced laser cutting machine comes with a built in platform with high quality and precise cutting ensured for those who use it.

Ten High Laser Engraving Cutter MachineTen High Laser Engraving Cutter Machine Review

Ten High Laser Engraving Cutter Machine


Dihorse Mini Laser Machine

The Dihorse Mini Laser Cutting Machine does not require much energy in order for it to be used extensively and its maintanenance is also something that is relatively simple. It is efficient and quick and light in weight and can be operated in a stress free manner.

Those who use the Dihorse Laser Cutting Machine can expect excellent precision and high speed work at all times. The care that the machine requires in order for it to run in a smooth and hassle free manner all the year through, is far less than the care required for any average laser cutting machine.

Dihorse Mini Laser Machine ReviewDihorse Mini Laser Machine

Orion Motor Tech



Orion Motor Tech

Orion Motor Tech is one of the best known laser cutters out there, with an engraving area of 12×20 and 50W laser wattage. Users can expect to save on their power bills by quite a considerable degree when they make use of such a laser cutting machine.

The Orion Motor Tech laser cutting machine ensures absolute precision when used and can perform a wide range of functions. It is characterized by an auto twitching power supply and is affordbaly priced, being within the means of customers of any and every budget.

Orion Motor TechOrion Motor Tech Review


Dihorse Mini Laser Machine


X Actio Laser Guillotine

This is a professional grade precise paper cutter that ensures highly accurate cuts right up to the micrometer. It can cut as many as twelve sheets at a time, and is renowned for the  efficiency with which it works when put to use. The X Acto Laser Guillotine has a self sharpening system which keeps on cutting the blade very sharp.

The device is also accompanied by a safety lock handle, a spring loaded guard that can protect the fingers and a paper holder. Apart from being well known for its reliable performance, this lase cutter is highly durable and has an extensive shelf life.

X Actio Laser Guillotine ReviewX Actio Laser Guillotine


X Actio Laser Guillotine


Meterk Laser Engraver and Printer

This laser cutter is one that is pretty well known for its wireless mode of operation. It can be connected using bluetooth at any point of time and anywhere and there is no need to keep it limited to any data line. It is sturdy, stable and durable and comes with a professional power IC as well as radiator with the carving time lasting longer than most other laser cutters.

The device also features an inbuilt fan that protects its bald head and requires a 4A power output to function. It is easy to install and to replace and can carve mobile phone cases, IC cards, dark plastic, wallets, thick and thin wood, kraft paper, metal with a coating of paint, bamboo etc.

Meterk Laser Engraver and Printer ReviewMeterk Laser Engraver and Printer


Meterk Laser Engraver and Printer




The utility of a laser cutting machine is hard to deny or ignore. By examining the different laser cutting machines in the market with careful consideration only, can you expect to choose the most ideal one for yourself.

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